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I have been told that before I learned to walk, I was very fond of food. There are stories of me, as early as 6-7 years old, calling my parents at work to ask for permission to make waffles and sweet baked goods. Then came a long period where I was most fond of eating good food. Luckily the interest in cooking returned early in my 20s. Today I find a lot of joy in cooking for my partner, family and friends. In 2010 I started this food blog to challenge myself. To push me to try new things, new recipes, and simply to get better at writing about food. The goal is to convey some of the enthusiasm and joy that cooking gives me.

During the lifetime of the blog, I have been mentioned in several newspapers in Norway. I have participated in the show MasterChef. I have had some chef assignments at family parties and weddings. Occasionally I meet people that have tried a recipe that is posted on the blog, and love the feedback I get from my easy to follow and delicious recipes.

If you have feedback on one of the recipes, I respond to comments posted under the recipes. Otherwise, you can use the contact form or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Best regards, Tage

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